Why Lifologist?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, you can be a lifologist. Learn the tricks of the trade from our trained professionals, in interactive sessions and real time coaching practices. Be a part of our world- wide- community of Lifologist.

A Lifologist studies the relation of human beings with their career and occupational eco-system. Lifologists are primarily involved in the process of leading people to the most appropriate career options. They are also involved in helping people to involve more into the current occupational systems.

A Lifologist is a blend of

Psychometric Analyst
A professional who is specialised in comprehending and interpreting various Psychometric Instruments. In Lifology, the psychometric instruments play an important role in guiding individuals into their meaningful career. A Lifologist is a specialist in analysing the scores of psychometric tools in Lifology.

Academic Coach
An academic coach works with the student 1:1. They help them de-stressify their lives and increase their effectiveness and confidence in their academics and in the rest of their lives, too.
Lifologist, specifically, help students learn strategies for time management, organization, effective studying, and self-advocacy. They also work on mindset, motivation, and goal setting and goal achievement.

Labour Market Expert
An expert in gathering, analysing and collating information regarding trends, happenings and dynamics of labour market. Lifologist learns about various careers, its various facets and opportunities in the world. Also, they specifically learn about the socio-political and geographical fluctuations in various careers.
To become a Lifologist, a person often completes an intensive training program by Lifology.com.

The programme is designed for aspiring Career Coaches who would like to excel in the domain of Labor Market and Career Guidance for young people and help them to identify their meaningful career.

The Candidate profile

Make the intervention deeper with internationally recognized assessment tools.

Good in communication (English is a must).

Graduate or Post Graduate in Psychology, Sociology, Education or Liberal Arts. However, if the candidate can prove a strong talent and desire to help the next generation, the Lifology may consider their candidature.

Work experience with adolescent and young adult community on Training and Development, counselling or teaching is an added advantage.

Be introduced to the latest models and perspectives.

Learn about the relational approach to coaching.

Develop and broaden your coaching and mentoring skills.

Develop greater self-awareness enabling you to use your experience whilst coaching others.

Benchmark your approaches as a coach.

Understand and be informed by theoretical frameworks that support effective coaching.

Practise both familiar and new coaching skills and interventions.

Acquire a personal vision of your own coaching work.

Become part of a diverse and experienced community of coaches.

Along with our real-world experience – having interacted with countless students and parents – it is the foundation on Lifology backed up by research and a panel of experts, that enable us to make valid and informed decisions on career choices. We are eager to share that expertise with you equip many others to attain self-actualisation. Our course is designed to train you in techniques of counselling, problem identification, conflict resolution and problem solving.

As part of the training, the participants will be provided with further handholding to implement the skills, access to our resources and regular development events. Lifology.com will also provide them with opportunities to manifest the coaching skills and thereby earn decent income from the professional activity. They will also be supported and empowered to work as ‘career coaches’ by own.

Highlights of Training

Equips the participants with international standards and accreditation

Intakes only limited number participants for personalized attention.

Be an executive membership from Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA).

Develop mastery on Lifology: the Science and Philosophy of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Develop mastery on the Lifology Penta-loop Development Model.

Get mentoring to start your own career coaching business.

Classes by International faculties from India, UK, USA, Australia and China.

3 day Contact Program and Webinars