Certified AI Enabled Career Coach & Associate Lifologist

  • Help you build an exciting path towards a career empowering individuals in education and career planning
  • Elevate your status as a Future Coach, guiding lives as a Certified Associate Lifologist

Course Content

Section 1: Foundations of Education and Career Coaching

Section 2: Understanding the Coachee

Section 3: Coaching Methodologies and Approaches

Section 4: Ethics, Standards, and Relationship Building

Section 5: Coaching in a Diverse World

Section 6: Preparing for the Future

Section 7: Holistic Coaching Techniques

Section 8: Career Exploration and Strategy

Section 9: Decision Making and Client Support

Section 10: Managing Coaching Challenges

Section 11: Global Perspectives on Education and Careers

Section 12: Transition and Reinvention

Section 13: Practical Application and Case Studies

Section 14: Professional Development and Communication

Section 15: Well-Being and Work-Life Harmony

Section 16: Leveraging Technology in Coaching

Section 17: Building Your Coaching Business

Section 18: Career Planning as a Coach

Section 19: Certification and Beyond

Compelling Program Highlights

Short Duration program

Duration of maximum 3 months helps in quickly starting a career

Earn While you Learn

Opportunity to earn up to 10,000 INR even during the period of course

100% Placement or 100% Support

Exclusive placement is in place to search job on behalf of each one of you or provide with support to start your own coaching center

Money back guarantee

If you are not placed or unable to start own center within 1 year from the date of successful completion of the course, 100% of fee will be refunded

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