About Us

A Lifologist is the practitioner of the science and philosophy of lifology. A Lifologist studies the relation of human beings with their career and occupational eco-system. They are primarily involved in the process of leading people to the most appropriate career options. They are also involved in helping people to involve more into the current occupational systems.

The Lifologist training program i-LEAP or the International Lifologist Education and Advancement Program is organised to provide profound knowledge on the aspects of Lifology to equip the trainees in leading a huge mass of youngsters at an international level in the right career path without clinging to prior judgements or discriminatory factors like caste, colour, religion or location.

The i-LEAP training program comprises 2 sections – Contact Program and Webinars. The Contact Program intends to provide the participants with insights on the very fundamental concepts of Lifologists, the professional attributes of Lifologists, and ways to be adopted by Lifologists to extend the most effective service to those who approach for career guidance.